Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your account safe? 
  • Yes, your account information is completely secure. We are professionals and we will never share your data or make any changes to your account. However, we recommend changing your PSN account password and email once the service is completed.
2. Can I contact you for further discussion? 
  • Absolutely. You can contact us directly through Discord, Twitter or PSN ID if you have any concerns. We take responsibility for any issues that may arise.
3. Can I get a refund? 
  • Yes, you can request a full refund within 48 hours of payment if you change your mind or are confused about the service. Please note that our service requires time and effort, so refunds may vary depending on the situation.
4. Can I buy single base trophies? 
  • Yes, you can. Just send us an email with your requirements, and we will give you a price.
5. Do I need to own the game? 
  • No, you do not. As our job is to obtain platinum trophies for our clients, we personally own the games required to complete the task.
6. What information do you need from me to complete the service? 
  • We will need your Playstation login email address and password. Additionally, we may require your 2FA temporary or backup codes if your account has 2FA security enabled.
7. Can I play the game while you do the trophies? 
  • Absolutely. We will play the game completely offline and sync your trophies every 24 hours.
8. How long will it take? 
  • The time required depends on the game. Please send us an email if you need a time frame, and we will also sync your trophy progress every 24 hours.
9. Can you do other games? 
  • Yes, we can. Please send us an email with your request, and we will get back to you with a price and availability.
10.  Will you be able to upload the save file to my PS Plus cloud once you've completed the service? 
  • Definitely! We always make sure to upload the save file to your cloud storage. Please keep in mind that some games may come from a different region, but we typically use the US region. However, if there are any concerns or questions regarding region compatibility, we'll inform you beforehand and can discuss it further through email or Discord.
11. Are the trophies earned through legitimate gameplay? 
  • Absolutely. We are genuine trophy hunters at PlayStation Trophy Service and we strictly avoid any forms of hacking or cheating. We play the games as they're intended to be played, and all trophies on PS5, PS4, PS3 and PS-Vita are earned through legitimate gameplay.