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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (PS4/PS5) - NOT SELLING GAME DISC

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (PS4/PS5) - NOT SELLING GAME DISC

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Including All DLC Trophies

Team NINJA, the studio behind such classics as Ninja Gaiden, Nioh and Nioh 2, brings you a new masterclass in action that blends history and fantasy into a chaotic Three Kingdoms experience like never before. In this dark vision of the Later Han Dynasty, the Three Kingdoms face threats both human and demonic – and it’s up to your nameless, militia soldier to defeat them all.

Create your own “crouching dragon” using the detailed character creator and raise your Morale Rank by defeating the powerful warriors and brutal demons plaguing the battlefield. The bigger risks you take, the faster your strength will build, increasing your chances of discovering stronger items and weapons scattered across the landscape to help defeat your foes.

Overcome the odds by utilizing an array of Chinese martial arts, while also mastering a variety of period-accurate weaponry and the potent powers of Wizardry Spells. Learn to summon mighty Divine Beasts to mount an attack against diabolical monsters plaguing this treacherous land.

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